oh god.
We’re that bad, huh?

Did you do the thing, Neopets?
Tell me the truth, Neopets.



oh god.

We’re that bad, huh?


Did you do the thing, Neopets?

Tell me the truth, Neopets.

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100 Beautiful Pictures Of Mark Ruffalo 


exactly what it says on the label

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Have I posted this lil guy on here yet?

Oh well, if I have here it is again, and if I haven’t… thennnnn this is something I put together awhile back. Don’t hate me, it hurts me as well.

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i’m weird ok

but when i say i’m weird i don’t mean like your cute and quirky girlfriend

i mean fucking weird 



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Living in New York (Part Five)


Later that night they both woke up and went to bed properly. From then on, or at least for the majority of that week, Tony slept happily next to Bruce. It was odd to have the man go off to work, but he knew it was something he’d have to get used to especially if they were planning to live with each other. Besides, it wasn’t like he couldn’t just call him every once in a while when he was at work; although Bruce did end up giving him a specific time table so that he didn’t call in the middle of a lecture again. Tony made it up to him. 

With Bruce at work it also gave Tony the time to go through all the little tasks that Pepper had asked him to do but he had never got round to. One of them being a certain article that she had found in a gossip magazine. But if Bruce hadn’t seen it, which Tony assumed he hadn’t because they hadn’t talked about it, he didn’t see a problem, and there was no reason to bring it up either. The article was the same old same old anyway. 

Another task that Tony had, which he had avoided for long enough now, was going through all the mail that had been sent to him from the public. An attempt had been made in the past but the amount he had seen and the amount there was left to read had a staggering difference. Call it Bruce’s influence rubbing off on him, but Tony felt like he should now, at least try to, read some of these letters. More came every day, apparently, and Tony had long since decided that it was somebody else’s problem. But not anymore. He was, some sort of, a hero, the least he could do was read properly some of the things his fans wanted him to know. 

Bruce settled more easily into his teaching position now that Tony was there with him. It was that much easier when he could come home and find Tony practically climbing the walls from boredom with his CEO duties Pepper had given him. Even better were the nights when Tony tried to cook for him. It was just reassuring to have the man there, to know that he was supportive of Bruce’s work. 

And being together had other benefits. They found more time to work on the arc reactor prototype, though Bruce was still trying to figure out the key enzyme to make it all work the way he wanted. And of course they shared a bed. Most nights. Still, it was more than he had anticipated and Bruce did love waking up next to Tony. It was endlessly amusing to see the man women would fall to their knees for with bedhead and drool. And sure, there were days when Tony was a little withdrawn, but Bruce just did the best he could. Space was something he understood.

Two nights before the trial, Bruce arranged to have dinner with Tim Halloran, the Irish geneticist from Trinity. Bruce told Tony in advance that he was going to be out for dinner, but there was no question in his mind that Tony was going to harangue him by text or call. That seemed to just be his way. As long as the text messages were funny, Bruce would allow it. He liked cracking jokes with Tony and, really, the engineer’s wry sense of humour was the best. 

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virginity is a social construct


  • is sexist
  • is heteronormative
  • commodifies sex
  • commodifies young cis-het white women
  • contributes to rape culture
  • contributes to slut-shaming
  • erases queer folk
  • erases transfolk
  • frames a woman’s worth as inversely proportional to the number of dicks that have been inside her

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once at my school this guy who had really long hair came in the next day with most of it cut out and nobody recognized him so a rumour went around that he died

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